Artist Draftsman
Senior Designer
Digital & Print

My core business is working as a Digital Designer incorporating all facets of modern graphic & interactive design but I started out as an artist. My first real job was as a screenprinting artist, then as an animation illustrator, an architectural draftsman and finally.. a designer. Starting out as a freelance designer, I would often be hired to work with small to medium businesses who might be starting up or who were looking to improve their presence. These days I tend to work with companies who already have an existing brand and need me to adhere to there style guidelines. Through discussions with my clients, we begin developing their brand by integrating their ‘mark’ across all forms of media. Being a multi-disciplined artist / designer, I have a broad range of skills and am able to provide a professional service with skills including;

Interactive Screen – web frontend dev, web management,
elearning & GUI, presentations, motion and animation;
Graphic Design – flyers, brochures, booklets and documents,
banners, vehicles, buildings and merchandise
Architectural Drafting – traditionally drawn
Traditional Fine Art Skills – drawing, painting, photography, sculpture.

Aim: To provide a clearly defined identity, with visual pleasing type and graphics, get the message across succinctly, through using easily accessible content with logical navigation. Provide material which reflects the character and values of the client’s company.

One Stop Graphics & Process: With a broad range of skills allow a client to maintain their brand integrity by having their personal designer, who can do the lot. This is a valuable asset when working as an inhouse designer.

Process: Consult with client – Discuss identity and development style, guides – colours, likes, references and industry. Develop basic ideas / Sketch thumbnails / Present to client / Develop concepts / Present to client / Refine choice.

Brand & Identity: Once a brand has been established, I believe that it needs to be flexible in its adaptations, so it is up to the designer to ensure this when finalising the specs. Adapt brand across media ensuring ledgibility and omnipresence.

Industry Experience:
My journey began with studying Fine Arts (Liverpool Tafe 2yrs), being trained as a Screenprinting Artist (Fashion: Brian Rochford, myGarment, Frantik Leather, etc – 5yrs), shifting to Disney’s TV Animation to work as a Clean-Up Artist (Goofy movies, Lion King II, TV series, etc – 8yrs), studying and working in Architectural Drafting (Tafe 2yrs), obtained an Adv.Diploma in Design (Tafe 2002 3yrs). +14yrs Design Experience.

Pays homage to drawing, women and ocean waves – three subjects which I’m passionate about. The great artists who inspire me are great at drawing, from the Cave to Da Vinci to Brett Whiteley – they are just some of my heroes. They believed in the balance and practice of using the Golden Rectangle. They draw with sensitivity, adhering to nature’s Golden Rule and encompass all that is important to me (human figures, nature, ocean waves, guitars, etc). The curve in nature is omni present and is an integral part of life. To me, the best designs are derived from the Curve.


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Encompassing art & design
  • Animation Illustrator

    Animation Illustrator

    Character & Layouts Clean Up Artist
  • Arch. Draughting

    Arch. Draughting

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  • Screenprinter / Artist

    Screenprinter / Artist

    Artwork & All Facets
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