Brand Integration

DxFive Quality Human Hair Wigs & Extensions 2016

Logo & Brand development, WIX Website setup assistance, imaging and artwork.

Dxfive is a new startup company who required a logo and needed some assistance in setting up their website. Through consultation with the client, a logo solution was determined by using a dynamic font with subtle lines. The branding has been carried across all material incl. watermarks, favicon and copyright.

On the website, I used a soft margin to give the photos better definition against the soft background, while ensuring that all model heads were in line for smooth rollover effects. The other major work was developing a unique set of charts for demonstrating hair colours and how tos’.


INHOUSE 2014-16

Website Management: formatting & adding product listings – ChannelAdvisor, Bigcommerce Store, OsCommerce, eBay & TradeMe Stores / template modifications for CMS / Google Analytics / YouTube Video Presentations / Static site design & build / Mailchimp Newsletters / All print material incl; flyers, stationery, PDF brochures, fold outs, mag & newsprint ads / Building & vehicle signage. Technical support.



Logo development. During my association with Corporate Culcha, my tasks have included all forms of brand management in the creation of and adaption of across an array of media, from print to web, from signage to elearning. From 2011 until 2014, I worked on a weekly basis on all of their major projects as their Inhouse Digital Designer, and at times with other IT and Creative individuals. Working with major Australian & Global companies including; Government bodies – Australian, NSW & Local, major banks – the Commonwealth, Westpac Bank & ANZ, BHP-Billiton, Qantas, Wesfarmers, Leightons, Origin & Arrow Energy, Uniting Care, Toll Holdings, Cummins, the NRL, are only some of the clientele. My association with Corporate Culcha has been going for almost a decade and has been continues to be a rewarding experience.



Over the years, through discussions with Ross, I was allowed great freedom to be creative and as a consequence we achieved great results. From 2002 through to 2013, I redesigned the Ross website 4 times and with each iteration, made slight modifications to branding and styling. Along with the websites, Ross also pushed their unique products through print material, signage, posters and regular magazine ads.

Logo development, websites design & build, stationery, DL cards, flyers, folder, A4 & A5 booklets, posters, t-shirt print, mug print, magazine & newsprint ads, signage and packaging.



EIMA was an offshoot from Corporate Culcha and as such carried the CC ‘sun-dots’ pattern.

Logo & Brand development, Websites design & build, Printwork, illustrations, Video presentation. Develop 2x logos and branding, 70+ page memorandum and supplementary document, diagrams and website design & build. EIMA was involved with carbon sequestration and permaculture. The logo was developed to reflect the carbon sequestration, the outback and permaculture.

The website was designed to capture attention by using many informative tools. Aswell as being informative it was important that the site reflect the indigenous links through artwork and colour. EIMA was a rebrand of ‘Carbonculcha’.



EIMA & NewGen Housing were both partnerships setup between Corporate Culcha and others. As CC’s Designer, the responsibility of branding and presentation fell to me. Not to make it sound like an arduous task, brand management can be quite satisfying, especially if you have overall control, which I did.

Newgen Housing was a partnership to deliver low cost housing to remote Indigenous communities. The idea was to involve local Indigenous people within the construction process so that they may gain new skills, take ownership of in order to maintain the properties into the future. My brief was to refresh the logo & brand, build an attractive and informative website and then transfer that styling over to print materials.



The client wanted to refresh their website and required a new catalogue to match the styling. Both catalogue and website were packed full of info which I hadn’t realised initially. Starting with the catalogue first on this one in order to prep all of the info and images. Then there was etching, etching, etching, then data, data, data, multiple diagrams, followed by the website design and build. It was quite a job.



Logo development, stationery, web design and build, flyers, diagrams, powerpoint presentations. Sportsology was offering a Video Analysis service to existing sporting clubs, predominantly A-League Soccer players. The client asked if I could develop some logo concepts for him. Considering his family ancestry of Greek/Macedonian and being a sports orientated business, I referenced historical sporting & cultural links of the Olympics and Greek artwork. Utilising a style which harks back to the Greek murals and vases of old and through discussion with the client, I developed logo options which he then chose from based on his personal preferences of colour.

As the years went by, we refreshed the overall styling of his flyers and of his website. After a year or so, we refreshed his brand across all mediums – screen, web and print. The new site incorporated Flash video (FLV) but was otherwise Html & Css, the ebedded FLV conatined game time video footage.



Brand Adaption, Website design & build, 4pg A3 Brochure. In 2009, I began reviewing local companys and their websites in order to ascertain their website needs and whether or not their website required a facelift – one of those sites were Elsmore’s. Elsmore Constructions are a company which usually builds community facilities such as; churches, community centres, aged care, etc. As they already had a good logo, I used my experience and interest in architecture to come up with a building orientated website, showcasing their works, which I then transferred over to an A3 brochure.


BAN Artists Network 2006-7

Brand Creation, Website design & build. The idea was to develop an Artist’s  Network where artists could register and upload their work – be it visual, literary, videos or photography. While the branding, web design & html build was successful, after many delays, the back end development of the site fell through, which left the site as a static relic. It looked good but without the functionality it became more of a managed gallery. Still.. a nice one to work on. I adapted the logo for another project a few years later (see EIMA above).



Logo development, Website designs & build, Memorandum document and other print material, Graphs and presentations. In 2004, a startup company known as Hedge Fund Patrol (HFP) asked for my assistance in establishing the Brand’s Identity. A typical process began with cards & stationery, followed by a website, a range of graphs, documents, a 30 page memorandum, Flash web concepts and finally a Flash CD presentation. The client had good vision with a direction which tended to streamline the process. We then sort a developer (which I managed), to convert or adapt our site into a functional hub. My association with this client lasted a few years and as such, they were a major client. Later tasks involved designing and building 2 or 3 other sites, cards and stationery. 2004 – 2007 is going back awhile but what’s significant about HFP was that it afforded me another opportunity to develop multi skills in adapting a brand across a range of mediums to produce a comprehensive package, while maintaining brand integrity.