Front End Web Design

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Before completing my studies, I began work as a freelance web designer building flash & html sites. My web designing and building skills include working in Flash, html, css and using javascript components. I am not a developer or programmer but can implement code within html. When I first started out, my main focus was on design, followed by the html build. Html, css and flash were my main tools. I used flash to add some interest and at other times to entertain. Many of my earlier sites contained flash components, usually banners (now replaced by jQuery), menus, ads and videos. Often I’ll be pulling apart documents from Word, Pdfs or Indesign in order to use the elements for web design. My aim when designing a new layout is to make it look good, easy to update, function well and to be original. Presentation draws the initial response whereas functionality & interactivity add to the users experience, therefore I don’t believe the appearance of a site should be under estimated. I strive to deliver clean & engaging interfaces.

From 2005, I began collaborating with other website companies and developers – producing websites driven by databases. The majority of the functionality would be added after the initial Html build, using Javascript, PHP, ASP and sometimes Coldfusion.

These days, I rarely build or handcode sites but instead focus on working with existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and see myself more as a Web Designer rather than Front End Developer. I often work with WordPress, sometimes Joomla and have worked within many other online platforms such as BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, TradeMe, Frooition, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc. Most of the builds come complete with Responsive, Smartphone & Tablet friendly stylesheets – which saves alot of time in customising.

My early builds use to be Themed Concepts which don’t work aswell in today’s minimalist, functional styling. Style has really replaced concepts, now it’s more on adapting the brand to suit in a creative and pleasing manner. In many ways, I see myself more as a Web Manager – often using Templates & CMS. I still design and modify templates when there is a style guide which needs to be carried across mediums. Building sites use to be core to my weekly activities – not anymore. It’s now styling. I might get back into hand-coding and upskill one day but for the moment, there isn’t as much call for it.

Western Filters 2007-2016

WordPress template WF DPF
Bigcommerce Temp (3b to match 3a) / Design eBay Layout (3c to match 3b, 3a)
Website design & build (3a 2a reskinned) (1a) / Oscommerce Temp (1b to match 1a)

Starting off in 2007-08, on creating a revised website using Html Css. For this I created a translucent blue styling. A year or so later, I was asked to implement an OsCommerce Online Store and style it in the same manner. In 2011 a re-skin of the static Html site occurred with a chrome Flash navigation and a black background. In 2014, another re-skinned of the static site with a fresh airy range of colours. Oscommerce was booted for BigCommerce – we then adapted an existing template to reflect our airy range colours. Shortly after, I was asked to create the design for an eBay template, reflecting the same style. Following on from this, I setup and modified a WordPress template to create an airy altho slightly different styling for another arm of the business – that is DPF Cleaning.


BSG Employment & Training 2009

Website design & build. Utilising the client’s own artwork, my task was to create a static informative site with a cultural feel. BSG provides Training and Recruitment services for Indigenous Australians. BSG’s Aboriginal Employment Strategy and  policy writing assist the Aboriginal community with their highly trained engagement experts.


Western Front / Blacktown 2007

Website design & build. Stretching across Western Sydney, Western Front is a biennial event showcasing contemporary artists in key galleries, museums and public spaces. The central concept for Western Front 2007 is ‘Synthetic Spaces’. My task was to create the website for the Blacktown leg of the travelling exhibition. Maintaining the styling while developing a neat and easily accessible site.

Western Sydney is a place in transit, in transition. The region is a physical amalgam of sites and an identikit of contested ideas. Here identity, thought, race, society and art are remanufactured into new relationships – each part of a greater fusion, a synthesis of spaces that mark contemporary modes of operation and expression.


BAN Artists Network 2006-7

Brand Creation, Website design & build. The idea was to develop an Artist’s  Network where artists could register and upload their work – be it visual, literary, videos or photography. My styling harks back to it’s origins.

Blacktown has a rich Indigenous history, being the traditional lands of the Daruk Nation, it is where many people from afar were placed as part of an assimilation strategy. People from unrelated Indigenous Nations such as the Tharawal, Wiradjuri, Daruk, along with others, who spoke different languages, were taken from their traditional lands, grouped together as one and expected to make Blacktown their home. It is first place where Indigenous people were given land to settle (their names were Coleby & Nurragingy). The name was arrived at from the railway station which was created as a stopover on the way to Richmond, known simply as the ‘Blacks Town’. It became a city in the late ’70s and now is home to migrants from across the globe.


Jacks Body Maintenance 2005

Website design & build (Flash Html Css). Being inspired by East Asian art and culture, I was able to create a site tailor made to suit Jack’s unique qualifications and abilities. The homepage was an animated sequence which transitioned from a seed pod, thru a lotus, a phoenix then into a Sifu.

Jack Sierra is a Certified Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor, holds a Black Belt in Karate and is a qualified acupressure massage therapist. Along with these qualifications, Jack also has gathered much knowledge of other relevant aspects of personal health and development, offering a holistic approach to general well-being. Jack’s business “Jack’s Body Maintenance” offers a range of services from presenting alternative ways to gain a competitive edge, to proven anti-stress techniques, which, as well as Self Defence empowerment classes (group or Private lessons available). In an average week Jack sees everyone from students, housewives and executives.



Heval 2005

Website design & build (Flash Html Css). Using a Flash Animated intro with some of the Band’s music, the site transition from sketch outlines to full colour photos. The loader was a suitcase record player. After the intro, the site presented an old world look and feel of a traveling caravan.

Heval is a highly acclaimed group of musicians living in Sydney. With members from here and overseas, their rhythmic music can only be classified as World Music. The word Heval is the Kurdish word for friends. ‘Friends’ met in Western Sydney in 2002 and pretty soon begun gigging around Sydney. They play for pleasure and hope to foster a broader appreciation of Kurdish music amongst their audience, Australia wide. Their aim has been to help recognise the contribution to this country (and the world) of Kurdish culture and people.