InHouse / Contracted Designer


In 2007, I started working once as an Inhouse Web Designer for Cornerstone Web Design. Alongside FrontEnd and BackEnd Developers, I’d often produce Photoshop layouts for the FrontEnd Developer. My main role was in creating layouts or concepts to fit a custom made CMS Template although there were times when we’d build non-template, static sites which allowed more layout flexibility. At times there would be a call for Flash banners which was a good break from the template realm and allowed some creativity.

Towards the end of my tenure with CST, I had the opportunity to work in Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design which can be quite interesting. I found it abit of a grind as I had been use to much more variety within my typical work days. In general, templates can be rather stock whereas hand crafted sites tend to have layouts which are better thought out, unique with more character.


INHOUSE 2005-06

Web Design, Frontend and Flash Development, Flash Presentations, Flash & After FX Commercials, Document editing.

In 2005-2006, I worked with Cyrius Media Group on many different projects. CMG is a diverse group of people who service small to large companies media needs, as such, I worked on a great variety of projects.

My main tasks included: design concepts, Html/Css Frontend web dev; Flash projects including web banners, navigational menus, web updates and editing, along with print projects (dls, flyers, etc.), and logo design. My build responsibilities declined as sites began to require more functionality; search, php generated pages, etc.

My tasks shifted from web build to web design and to interactive – creating & editing Flash Training Promotional CDs. For GSK – layouts, imaging, Flash banners, editing and duplicating training CDs (Cartia, Panadol, Nicabate, Beconase, AIM, etc ). While for Esker – layouts, imaging, creating a Flash SAP Paperless Promotional CD. We then expanded into creating a few subway commercials for the company Streetwise, utilising Adobe Flash (Lipeze animation) and After Effects. CMG was a family team. It was an enjoyable and spun fast.



Logo & Brand adaption for campaign ads, Flash presentation disc (GUI design & build), Press and newsprint ads, DL cards, posters, bags, etc.

In mid to late 2004, I returned to working as an inhouse designer, alongside the Marketing Department at Zodiac Australia, on promotional ads for their an ongoing summer campaign. The first task was to adapt the campaign look and feel across a range of print media; posters, coupons, mag & newsprint ads. After the campaign, we moved onto developing a different styling.

During 2005-06, I was also working with other clients outside of my inhouse position, so in order to better supplement my income, aswell as manage my projects, I decided to shift back to freelancing. Ihe Zodiac Team asked me to develop a series of brochures, highlighting the 5 Steps of Zodiac’s Pool Division’s range of product features. This followed with me designing and building a Flash Presentation which was exported to an accompanying CD Presentation. This was followed by a promotional website, built using Flash, HTML & CSS.

It was a great place to work, with great personalities and a Marketing Manager who had a clear vision of the the look and feel she wanted for her campaigns.



In late 2003, I began working with Trafalgar & Accidental First Aid as their Inhouse Designer. Trafalgar has a long history going back many years, providing First Aid Kits. Under both Trafalgar & the Accidental brand, kits were being sold in most department stores. Part of my tenure was to uplift the brands, to modernise their labeling through better font choice, typography and colours.

The major project I worked on, was in the creation of a 32 page catalogue of a range of their products. Through researching the industry and via discussions with management, I developed a style guide which included coloured sections, strong fonts and an easy to read layout. I always strive to out do the existing industry standard and I believe that our catalogue was above par.

Working Inhouse was great with a stable income and regular hours, but it didn’t allow for the ongoing development of which I sought – continuing to build on my range of software skills. As nice as the people were at Trafalgar, if I had stayed with them I probably would have been a Graphic Designer without any web or interactive skills. So after completing the catalogue I explained this and shifted to Freelance to continue working with my existing client base.



Brand adaption, Print Material – Ads, Stationery, DLs, Brochures [4pgs], Mag cover.

Graduating from my Adv.Dip in Dec 2002, I scored my first full-time position in March 2003, as an Inhouse Designer with Ainsworth Gaming Technology. As a father and having studied for 3 yrs, I needed the money while to start off my design career working with a major company was perfect. The Marketing Team had liked by my Flash Animated Resume, with scrolling text, animated buttons, and other whiz bang features. They offered me the position with a great salary and benefits. The position was to work on print projects within marketing.

My first task was to create a DL card, as the company was shifting premises within a week. Referencing the existing black/blue style I met the deadline. Next, the following week, was a magazine cover. Inbetween was stationery. There wasn’t much down time with this position – it was fast moving. Next was to produce 3x 4pg Booklets for the three main machines. I expanded upon existing styles while adding the character from each name; Ambassador (stately), Celebrity (hollywood red carpet) and the other already had a strong Adventure theme which I used – these were seen as a success.

There was an upcoming convention overseas, and management wanted to push a more ‘Tech’ feel, so I began developing an alternative styling. There were conflicting views from management on what type of ‘Tech’, which made it hard to deliver something to suit all. Due to the short turn around the brochures were printed up and sent but it wasn’t exactly a satisfying experience. Too many chiefs, side opinions, rather than a clear vision.

I met and worked with some great people there. I really enjoyed working with other artists and designers, although I was part of the Marketing Team so it was alittle different. My lot was to do with design promoting brand, there’s was art promoting product. After feeling I needed more variety in order to maintain my software skills for other design areas (web, 3d, motion, etc.), I decided to move on.