CD Booklets & Labels

Senior Freelance Designer

Culcha Stik – Flash Indigenous clip art project delivered on USB sticks
Cultural Awareness – Flash Online Toolkit
Esker – Flash CD presentation
Heval – CD booklet, inserts and labeling
Zodiac – Flash CD Resource Tool
Open Eyes – CD booklet, inserts and labeling
CAAMA  – CD booklets, inserts and labeling (7x)

CD Labels & Booklets:
CD layouts are full of variety. Producing them for other creatives makes for interesting results. As an vinyl collector, I’ve always enjoyed thumbing through vinyl albums, reading the info and review the record label artwork. The variety, the colours and the typography have always drawn me in. So when it came to me creating the artwork, imagery and layouts for singers, musicians and bands, I jumped at the opportunity and really enjoyed the process.

Having created 2 or 3 Flash presentations, a friend from the band Heval asked if I was interested in producing their website, which thenlead to me doing their album artwork. Next was a project for my neice Sarah’s, a singer / songwriter / musician also required artwork for an album. This was followed by 7 albums for CAAMA; a 5 album set on Endangered Languages, then 1 for for Lajamanu and another for David Dow.

Flash CD Projects:
Flash CD Presentations often require supplementary labeling and booklets which are very similar to CD booklets and labels. I created a CD Flash presentation for Zodiac in 2004-05. This was a major project which complimented a range of brochures I created aswell as posters, including all of the styling, colour and design. Working for Cyrius Media, I worked on flash projects for GSK, Streetwise and Esker – SAP. More recently, I have set out the packaging to accompany an Indigenous clip art Flash USB App I built called CulchaStik.

Other Projects
  • Gouache Paint V

    Gouache Paint V


  • Gouache Paint IV

    Gouache Paint IV


  • Gouache Paint III

    Gouache Paint III


  • Gouache Paint II

    Gouache Paint II


  • Gouache Paint I

    Gouache Paint I


  • illustration Pencil II

    illustration Pencil II


  • illustration Ink I

    illustration Ink I


  • illustration Col.Pencil IV

    illustration Col.Pencil IV


  • illustration Col.Pencil III

    illustration Col.Pencil III


  • illustration Col.Pencil II

    illustration Col.Pencil II


  • illustration Col.Pencil I

    illustration Col.Pencil I


  • illustration Dig. II

    illustration Dig. II


  • illustration Dig. I

    illustration Dig. I


  • illustration II Charcoal

    illustration II Charcoal


  • illustration I

    illustration I


  • Still Life II

    Still Life II