Western Filters

INHOUSE 2014-16

Website Management: formatting & adding product listings – ChannelAdvisor, Bigcommerce Store, OsCommerce, eBay & TradeMe Stores / template modifications for CMS / Google Analytics / YouTube Video Presentations / Static site design & build / Mailchimp Newsletters / All print material incl; flyers, stationery, PDF brochures, fold outs, mag & newsprint ads / Building & vehicle signage. Technical support.

Employed in 2007, my initial task was to replace a very basic, uninformative site with an online catalogue. The result was a much improved web presence with slider presenting product ranges and information. From there I worked on updating the print material before being asked in 2009 to setup an OsCommerce (OSC) site. Not having previous experience with OSC, the Western Filters Team showed great belief and trust in me while I setup their site. Traffic increased and we did see some improved sales although managing the site, along with a few other issues, left us wanting a better result. It looked great but didn’t deliver the sales we had hoped for.

In late 2013, the decision was made to ditch the OSC site and switch to Bigcommerce (BC) and be able to use their support services. BC has been great to work with and it’s Admin area akin to WordPress (WP) which is easy to add plugins and logical in layout, unlike the 2009 OSC platform. During 2014 we signed up with ChannelAdvisor to use as a Listings Hub, which then feeds out into our online market places. Throughout our journey, we have gained knowledge along the way and our efforts are now being rewarded by improved sales.

After a change of premises, I was offered the task to develop the look and feel of the building signage. On updating the work vehicles, I created the wrap graphics for the LWB & SWB vans, along with the ute’s alloy canopy. We now have 3x different types of packaging boxes with branding along with a WF t-shirt design. Within the Street Store, we have a TV Flash presentation highlighting products and product groups. We produce a Newsletter using MailChimp which we send out intermittently, depending on workload. I also composite videos using footage or still photography, demonstrating product installation.

Working with Western Filters has been a learning experience which has benefitted my own skill set. Since working for them I have learnt how to setup online stores, Security Certificates, Payment Gateways, plus a plethora of Content Management Systems (CMS) inclu; OsCommerce, Bigcommerce, ChannelAdvisor, WordPress, eBay, TradeMe, Google Apps, MailChimp, etc.

Other Projects
  • Gouache Paint V

    Gouache Paint V


  • Gouache Paint IV

    Gouache Paint IV


  • Gouache Paint III

    Gouache Paint III


  • Gouache Paint II

    Gouache Paint II


  • Gouache Paint I

    Gouache Paint I


  • illustration Pencil II

    illustration Pencil II


  • illustration Ink I

    illustration Ink I


  • illustration Col.Pencil IV

    illustration Col.Pencil IV


  • illustration Col.Pencil III

    illustration Col.Pencil III


  • illustration Col.Pencil II

    illustration Col.Pencil II


  • illustration Col.Pencil I

    illustration Col.Pencil I


  • illustration Dig. II

    illustration Dig. II


  • illustration Dig. I

    illustration Dig. I


  • illustration II Charcoal

    illustration II Charcoal


  • illustration I

    illustration I


  • Still Life II

    Still Life II